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No set-up fees. No hidden surprises. No obligation. No kidding.

10% booking or $49/mo property
  • UNLIMITED marketing to events!
  • BOOST your revenue per booking!
  • MAXIMIZE occupancy yield growth!
  • INCREASE return guest rate!
  • OFFER greater traveler savings!

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Exactly what's included?

Simply everything. All VeryUs features are included in the commission price.
Social group reservations, group travel management, event sponsor connectivity,
channel software integration, social media publishing and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the commission bookings work?

Sign up and add as many properties and events as you need with no obligation. If you decide to publish your listings you will be required to enter your ACH billing information for commission bookings or a CC for monthly subscription which will not be billed until your trial expires. For subscription billing accounts you can cancel at anytime with no penalty, and will only be charged up until your billing period is over. Sorry there are no refunds for prorated cancelations.

How does VeryUs increase my bookings with social group trips?

We have engineered the FIRST social group booking platform designed to increase margin yield while solving low occupancy by dynamically adjusting your required stay rates on a per-bedroom basis strategy to maximize your profit.

Is there a setup fee?

Nope. What is a setup fee? :)

Can I use my current property management software?

Yes. You will not need to change software as we are an add-on to your current reservation system to help you grow profit margins as well as increasing occupancy year-round.

Can I sync my current calendars with VeryUs?

We work with all major iCal and Google calendar formats including HomeAway, Airbnb, Wimdu, Kigo and more. You can see the full list of calendars that we support here.

Do I need to have events listed near my properties?

Don’t worry, you can tie your properties to not only events but to specific activities nearby that travelers enjoy doing together.

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