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It's about us, not them.

VeryUs is building the bridge between traditional vacation rentals and the sharing economy, by helping vacation property management companies increase yield margins while solving low occupancy rates so travelers can split the cost of renting vacation homes together. Or, they can still be brave and go with family.

We're on a mission of helping vacation property owners and agencies increase their bookings by providing social travelers who share common interests with an experience like no other.

As the sharing economy has risen around the world and been quickly adopted, VeryUs has been developed for both the manager and traveler in mind. Born out of the need to go on vacation without friends who tend to overcommit and end up backing out of trips anyway, the idea of sharing personal space in exchange for a transaction was created.

Because property mangers are forced into hit or miss reservations, we decided to build a way for budget-conscious travelers the ability to afford luxury vacation properties without having to round up their friends like cattle who usually end up playing the role of banker while still covering the original reservation value for property managers to accept partial bookings.

Travel without limits.

Since property owners are forced into hit or miss reservations without any guarantees on performance through paid listing services that don’t provide an opportunity to increase occupancy rates through a percentage of travelers who would cover the minimum reservation rate, VeryUs is the answer to giving property owners flexibility of accepting partial bookings that can be customized to fit any desired profit margin on a room by room basis without the revolving bed and breakfast door.

While travelers today are limited to sharing a vacation property homes only with people they know and unable to make new traveler connections, we knew there was a way that would allow travelers to participate and experience a trip as a group while opening up affordable luxury access at the same time.

Through this concept, VeryUs has captured the interest from around the world including North America, Spain, Canada, Thailand, Switzerland, Australia, The UK and Italy.

Connecting social group travelers from all over the world
with access to affordable luxury vacation rentals, one room at a time.

  • 3,128 Properties
  • 16 Regions
  • 7 Countries

Experience is the new transaction.

Growing up with travelers running a family bed and breakfast business, where guests were already making reservations to stay at our Inn whom never met one another until they arrived, were already willing to book a reservation based on that same single common interest:

Travelers are willing to experience a fantastic getaway because they are already comfortable knowing there will be other travelers sharing a home together prior to booking.

Today's transaction
occurs at the breakfast
table, inside a social
setting, not an online
merchant account.
Since, full vacation home rental listings are just like the rest of the websites out there – static listings at hit or miss prices based on a single reservation - its been our goal to deliver experience transaction that goes far beyond the credit card machine.

Looking back at the fundamental methods of running a B&B in the early days, the real transaction doesn’t happen in a merchant terminal rather the transaction actually occurs at the breakfast table. Where travelers sit down and meet other people to talk about their shared interests and life experiences is where the real value and foundation that VeryUs is built upon.

Founders with finesse.

With backgrounds in hospitality travel and software development, it is our mission to continue building the bridge between traditional vacation home rentals and the sharing economy travelers.

  • Matthew Heady

    Matthew Heady

    Founder & CEO
    Matt grew up helping his parents run a top rated family B&B Inn for 30 years, sharing his home with guests from around the world. He managed the UIX team at eDiets.com with a $200mm exit in 2005 alongside #1 Award web design in health. Recently, he led the UIX strategy for SONY while filing 3 patents for social technology with #1 award for UIX design by Laptop Magazine.
  • Ryan Heinemeyer

    Ryan Heinemeyer

    Co-founder & VP Sales
    Ryan led the executive sales team at EZDerm EHR Medical Software in 2012 while generating $3.6M growth pipeline from initial funding. #1 Sales in strategy and training of executive team, responsible for travel conventions, presentations, and product demo to 17,000 Doctors. Product Development liaison with lead programming group, #1 award winner for Nuance 2013 World Technology Award.

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